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"Annie has totally transformed my body through Pilates not only do I look longer and leaner but my back and knee injury have dramatically improved. Annie is not only an amazing teacher but is also a total firecracker of a human!" - Chelsea, DJ/Model



"After only a month of training with Annie, at Le Petit Studios, I've seen meaningful, positive changes in my body's strength, tone, and spirit. ..Annie has not only educated me on how to work on my weak points but also has fully changed the way I approach fitness to look at my priorities in a holistic manner.  [Pilates with Annie] is the perfect lifestyle workout that works everything from my head to my toes. Annie has helped my body work to its highest capacity and always makes me laugh."- Avery, Head of Brand Management for Aquazzura


"As a former professional soccer player, fitness has always been a huge part of my life. After a four year long battle with cancer, all I had worked for was lost. In hopes of returning to optimal fitness, I took up pilates. Through Annie Venier's strategic and fun pilates I quickly got my body, fitness, and core strength back to a high level, enabling me to run the NYC and Boston Marathons."- Ethan Zohn, Co-Founder Grassroot Soccer

"I discovered Annie Venier, an amazing pilates teacher in Soho....not only does she look like Giselle but her body is truly aspirational...and she is really knowledgeable about teaching......I have never had a better private Pilates lesson on the reformer. She transformed my friend's body to long, lean & sculpted!"- Annie Evans, Beatified

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